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News from Nexthing!!

For those who like italian, there is a new site:

where I’m posting all articles in italian language only.

So you can choose now…. Enjoy!!!


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K3B on Ubuntu Fesity 7.04 : Mp3 plugin

I just installed K3B, an excellent burning software for ubuntu 7.04. (more…)

22 August 2007 at 8:28 pm 3 comments

Do you like dogs?

I like very much dogs but I never can have a dog like this…..

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Happy anniversary CD!!!

Oh yes! The Compact Disc is 25 years old! The first CD pressed was a copy of ABBA’s The Visitors, made from Philips on 17th August 1982. See this post to read more.

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Nokia battery replacement

I was reading an article on exploding risk exposed Nokia branded batteries here. The suspected model is BL-5C. I believed that such kind of things never may happen….

I tried this link : here you can verify the phone models affected and if your battery is at risk by comparing its serial number with Nokia database. If yes, like me, you have the right to obtain a free substitution of the defective battery : just fill the form with your data.

I hope this information will be useful for readers.

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Football Trick

This by far one of the most impressive football trick plays ever attempted succesfully.

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Bluetooth headset with Ubuntu, Skype and VoIP applications

Few days ago I received a Bluetooth headset not branded but with a generic HT718 indication. (more…)

13 August 2007 at 4:18 pm 11 comments

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