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Free Photoshop Tutorial

An interesting blog with many photoshop tutorials.


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Ubuntu Partition Managing

Despite tons of manuals and documentation, here’s a nice post about partition managing in Ubuntu (italian only). It’s a summary of main commands in partition creating, editing, mounting, etc…Thanks to Ubuntu Block Notes.

23 August 2008 at 7:23 am 1 comment – Sardinian Lighthouses

Today I want to point out a friend site It’s a nice site about lighthouses of Sardinia. This work derives from a great passion for nature and photography. It’s a valid example of what can be done with Drupal CMS too. homepage homepage

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Check your reaction time

A nice online game to check your reaction time! Just hit the sheeps and don’t miss them. My personal top score is 0.1662 sec. and I can grace myself with “Rocketing rabbit” title!!!

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Media Converter – Converting Files Made Easy

Sometimes I need to put some funny video on my cellphone… Here is a nice utility to download and convert online video files directly to the format you need (for example 3gp). Firefox addon available too.

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Micro Olympics

An easy and funny game to feel the olympic atmosphere!

Available the Mars and Winter version too!!

My current record is 7508 7912m!!!

P.S: If you need help try this one.

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Olympic fever

2008 Beijing Olympic Games had started. I found two interesting interactive presentations about the Olympic medal count map and a collection of Olympic Torch from 1936 to the current edition. Good luck, Italy!

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